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Ministry 4 Men and Families

Being God's people in today's world

These Prayers of Declaration are a great way to start the day. They invite God to be in the center of your day. They also remind us of who we are and help us keep a kingdom perspective as we face each day's challenges, both internal and external.

A Child of God's Declaration

I am Yours; my God, my Lord and my King!

I present myself to my God, to my fellow man and to the world. I am no longer held captive, lost and afraid, unsure who I am. Father God has chosen me to be His son and He provides for all of my needs. Jesus set me free! He forgives me for all of my sins because of His great love for me. My God never holds them against me or brings them up again. The Holy Spirit lives within me and gives me access to divine knowledge, strength and self-discipline. My God guides me and encourages me on the path of my life’s journey. He loves and accepts me just as I am. My God believes in me! 

The Holy Spirit changes me on the inside, one day at a time, to line my life up on the outside with God’s written word. My heart is willing and my mind is open to learning your ways, my Lord. Show me how to love you, honor you and represent you with the life you have given me. Teach me, my Lord, to love myself and others the way that you love me; how to forgive and extend your mercy and grace to those around me. Form me and shape me to be the salt of the earth. Make my life a beacon of your light to the world around me. Help me to set the captives free and help the lost to find their way, my Lord.

I am following Jesus, my King and want my life to make a difference in the world I live in. I want to change the world as I extend God’s kingdom by doing the good works He has prepared in advance for me to do. I want to be willing and able to surrender all of me to you, my King. Please change my heart; give me your strength and the courage to live my life your way and not my way. My transformed life is proof that Jesus is alive and in my heart. Send me to be your blessing in the world around me today. Fill me up and pour me out as a living sacrifice, I am Yours; my God, my Lord and my King. Amen!

This declaration has truths about God and the point of view men and women have that are living their life in the kingdom of God today. Read this declaration out loud everyday. When you speak this you are claiming and declaring these truths and point of view to be yours. 

You are asking God’s help to make this your perspective, your truths and the way you live your life. When this is in your heart, it will help you with the choices you make and keeping your priorities in life. 

It is important to remember that our part is to be willing and God’s part is to change us and take us as far as we are willing to go as God’s man or a woman of God on the earth today.

May the God of all creation bless you as you draw closer to Him.


 Putting on the Armor of God

In getting dressed for the day I put the Belt of Truth around my waist. This is wearing the truth of God’s Word and standing in my God’s truths and promises for how I live my life, especially when nobody is looking. 

Then, I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness over my heart. This is wearing the righteousness of Jesus, being washed clean of all sin and covered by His redeeming blood. It is through Jesus righteousness I am doing Your good works as I follow the moral guide and code of ethics You have given us in the Holy Bible; what is respectful behavior and what is not. 

Now, I cover my feet with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace. Jesus is the Light of the World and I am His ambassador. I carry His message into the day, extending His gift of mercy and grace to others that is freely given and offered to all mankind. 

Next, I take up the Shield of Faith. This is how I put out all the fiery darts my enemy shoots at me. Satan is completely defeated by the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is through my faith that I grab hold of this victory. It is by faith I am able to walk with a quiet confidence and calm assurance that my God is in control. I am now able to overcome or avoid the traps the enemy has set to trip me up as I walk the path that You, my heavenly Father, have made just for me. 

Now, I put on the Helmet of Salvation, which is the mind of Christ. This gives me access to my God’s wisdom and knowledge with understanding for my life. The helmet covers and protects my mind from the lies and deceptions my enemies try to get me to accept as true. This allows me to recognize the influence the world, my own flesh and Satan try to have on me that does not reflect or honor my God. 

Last of all, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the written Word of God. It is by renewing my mind with the Word of God and applying it to my daily life I am able to overcome all of my temptations and send Satan packing. 

Thank You, LORD, for helping me to put on Your armor and preparing me for the battles I will face. (Ephesians 6:14-18)  

Today, I ask that You help me keep You as close to me as the clothes I wear. Help me to grow in my understanding of how to reflect You and to honor You with my thoughts, words and deeds; with every choice that I make as I go through the day. 

Help me to remember whose I am and who I am as a chosen son/daughter of God. Help me to remember I am Yours and You are mine and that I carry Your kingdom in me and with me everywhere I go. Thank You, Father God, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit for being with me as I enjoy my journey with You today. Help me to be Your blessing with every person and in every circumstance this day, always recognizing You are Sovereign over all people, places and things.

Thank You for loving me completely just as I am and yet not being content to let me remain as I am. 

Please, change my heart so that I am willing to do all of life Your way and not my way. Thank You for the new mercies and the loving grace You give me this day as I learn how to walk closer with You and be an obedient son/daughter that honors their Father. Amen

When we have put on the armor of God we are wearing God’s truths for our life on the inside and on the outside. The choices we make: How we live, behave and handle our circumstances in life are all now based on the truths we know that God has given us. 

We are now relying on our God to guide us, sustain us and protect us as we walk humbly with Him. We walk by faith, not by sight and trust our God to work out ALL things for our good. 

Remember to enjoy the journey today. No matter what your circumstances are today, God has plans to prosper you and not to bring you harm giving you hope for a future that you cannot yet see. God believes in you!

You are God's treasure and His blessing in the world today.