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Ministry 4 Men and Families

Being God's people in today's world

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God has surrendered more to us than we have to Him. Total acceptance without the barrier of pride, no mask of pretense or deceit. He invites us, come as we are, to be genuine.

If only we could be this way with each other how different would life be? To be able to be in a community of believers and share each others burdens, enabling all to be better than we are alone. To be open and honest with each other, giving acceptance without judgment, always believing in and for the best in others. This is the example we are given by our Perfect Father, by Jesus, our big brother and by the Holy Spirit, our best friend as we are held in God's hand.

God has never given up on us. When Jesus came to earth as a man, truth and grace walked the earth. When Jesus ascended into heaven He sent truth and grace back to us in the Holy Spirit. Today, God's truth and His grace lives inside each of us who has been born again in spirit.

We are not saved only to be God's hands and voice to each other and the world, but to be sons and daughters as well. As children of God, we are messengers and the message has to be a part of us. Our lives must be an example of the reality of our message and the new identity we have been given.

As we pursue our new identity true surrender grows to exceed our natural devotion. If we will surrender ourself, God will surrender Himself to embrace all those around us meeting their needs which are revealed by our surrender. Our motive for surrender is not for personal gain rather as we mature it is for embracing the person of Jesus Christ Himself.

It can be said that God the Father is in the family business and it is His only business. As sons and daughters He has chosen to have us be a part of the "family business" with Him. Through Jesus, mankind has been offered redemption and we are privileged to be a part of the reconciliation and restoring all of creation back to the Father.

When we truly surrender our preconceived ideas about how we think life should work we are at the beginning of God's strength working for us. This is a process and happens one step at a time. The shock comes when we see that it is not the nature of our fleshly sins that come between us and God causing our internal struggle. It is the pride in our hearts in opposition to Jesus that is the hardest for each of us to surrender.

When we come face to face with this truth is when the masks finally come down. Even though we are still imperfect we are now able to more readily receive and accept the mercy and grace we are given allowing us to operate in the power and authority we have been given as co-heirs with Jesus. We can finally be comfortable in our own skin and whole-heartedly pursue the purpose of our creation.

May this year be a time of personal revelation for the conditions we have in our heart toward God. I pray that each of us be surrounded by the host of heaven guarding us as the walls in our heart are brought down. Let us surrender what we are holding on to out of fear or from a form of spiritual bondage. Trusting our God who is faithful and true, who saves us with power for the powerless. 

Remember that you are the blessing.

David Roberts

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